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4- Why Use Ozone Therapy

By In مقالات On فبراير 28, 2015

Why Use Ozone Therapy

Why Ozone Therapy? Because scientific studies have proven that Ozone, properly introduced into the body in repeated applications inactivates viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and carcinomas in diseased cells! *

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone therapy has been in use for many years by thousands of West German doctors who claim, in hundreds of scientific and clinical studies, that they are able to inactivate AIDS and other viruses and cancer through ozone therapy. They explain that diseased cells have a lowered enzyme count in their cell wall or ‘lipid envelope’.

Looking at a diseased cell electrochemically, the first thing that differentiates it from normal cells is that the protein coating that surrounds it is contoured distinctly. The disease that has invaded the cell is parasitical, drawing off the cellular electricity or ‘life force’ of its host. This creates ‘cell stress’ and under these conditions, the cell can only manufacture a substandard protein coating for itself. When ozone is introduced into the blood in correct, stable concentrations ** it is immediately converted into hydroxyperoxides and other beneficial free radical scavengers. ***

Ozone Is Safe and Non-Toxic

Medical ozone (the correct term is triatomic oxygen, but for simplicity we will call it medical ozone) is completely safe and non-toxic to humans when administered responsibly with precise technology. It is extremely important that the proper ozone generator be used to generate the ozone. One must ensure that the ozone is clean, pure, and free of contaminants. This is only possible if the ozone only touches a glass electrode (never metal or ceramic) while inside the ozone generator, and only possible if the tubing and fittings inside the electrode are 100% ozone resistant. If the ozone touches metal, plastic, rubber, or other materials that can be oxidized by the ozone, the byproducts of the breakdown of these materials will travel with the ozone, and contaminate the ozone.

It is not meant to be breathed directly, although small amounts in the air, in fact, a sterilizing technique. When introduced into the blood through rectal/vaginal insufflation or major autohemotherapy it has been shown to be completely safe even when a dosage many times greater than the proposed human dosage is administered.

Here are extracts from the extensive studies proving the non-toxicity of medical ozone:

a)An animal model treated with medical ozone in a manner analogous to the proposed human treatment regime at the Long Island College of Pharmacy revealed no toxicity at concentrations up to ten times the dose proposed in man.

b)Research studies: “Effects of long-term exposure to low levels of ozone: a review.” C.W. Melton (Aviation, Space & Environmental)

“Ozone: An overview of its toxicity in man and animals.” D. Menzel (Toxicol & Environ Health 1984)

“Toxicity of Ozone.” S. Mittler. M. King. B. Burkhardt (AMA Arch Ind. 1957)

Ozone’s Bad Press

There is a somewhat negative connotation regarding ozone in uninformed sections of the public consciousness in the USA (its healing properties have been known in Europe for decades). The one-liner you may have read in the press: “Ozone is toxic” is based on the fact that ozone is highly oxidative and in the presence of any pollutants it immediately starts to oxidize them.

Ozone has been likened to some foreign element floating around covering the globe, or as a poison in smog. Actually, ozone is a natural product that, by surrounding the planet, makes our lives possible, by filtering out burning rays. Smog is created by chemical pollutants reacting as the ozone tries to oxidize them. The problem is the pollutants, not the ozone. As the joke goes, air pollution is an auto immune disease!

These hydroxyperoxides actually seek out and destroy diseased cells, where the cell wall is damaged and therefore easily penetrable, and they enhance the health of normal cells. Ozone’s byproducts have this selectivity because they are the attractive opposites of diseased cells. Cells infected with a virus have a weakened vitality that shows up as lowered levels of enzyme activity. A free radical hydroxyperoxide sees the diseased cell’s low enzyme ‘flag’ and attacks it…

These diseased cells with lowered enzyme levels are incomplete and are therefore seeking to balance themselves by interacting with the free radical hydroxyperoxides, which by themselves are also unstable. Both seeking balance, they join together in their eventual mutual destruction and elimination, benefiting the patient.

The Selectivity of Ozone Treatment Towards Infected Cells

1)O3/O2 mixture interacts with blood and immediately forms hydroxyperoxides.

2)Hydroxyperoxides have no effect on healthy cells, except the rejuvenation effect of super-oxygenating their environment and enhancing circulation.

3)Hydroxyperoxides invade diseased cells through their broken cell wall, exposing and destroying disease.

More About Viruses

“In each reproducing cell in our bodies there are two substances: RNA and DNA – the ‘helix’ form discovered by Crick and Watson. They contain the genetic blueprint for the cell, and the whole body. Viruses are not cells, they are either RNA or DNA genetic material – but not both – surrounded by a coat of protein. Since they have only half of the genetic material, they cannot reproduce on their own. They multiply by attaching themselves to the inner RNA or DNA of normal cells, taking it over and forcing the cell to make more of the virus. Picture slave labor. They wait there and emerge when our defenses are down! Outside of their host cell they are basically inert so it is clear that they are ‘hiding out’ in the cells, and must be uncovered within the cell to be destroyed before they manifest their destructive potential. This is where the amazing property of ozone to invade diseased cells, uncovering and destroying the disease or virus, is so effective.”


“Normal healthy cells are not lacking vitality, and do not react with the free radical agents. They have strong, balanced enzymes that, in a sense, make them ‘invisible’. They are complete and not receptive to reacting.

The obvious beauty of this is that the by-products of the ozone process ‘target’ diseased cells. Repeated treatments are necessary because viruses seem to be more susceptible at different stages of their growth, and as an ozone reaction winds down, a new one must be introduced to react with any viruses left over from the previous treatment…”

(Adapted from Oxygen Therapies: A New Way of Approaching Disease by Ed McCabe)

Results From Ozone Therapy: O3 and Candida and Epstein-Barr

We mention these conditions together because they are both chronic, apparently incurable or difficult to cure complaints that have recently been implicated in the widespread ‘unexplained ailments’ that affect millions of Americans with fatigue, depression and a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Systemic candida has been widely touted as being present in epidemic proportions. Ozone’s fungicidal properties make it the ideal treatment for candida, both local and systemic. Epstein-Barr virus has been blamed for the mysterious ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ affecting thousands of Americans. It is considered medically incurable but there are already scientific studies and anecdotal reports that it can be successfully treated by a lengthy course of ozone therapy.

Some research on Candida:

“Effect of ozone on the survivability of Candida utilis cells.” Navuk et al. 1981

“Fungi growth and sporulation after a single treatment of spores with ozone.”

Mikol Fitopatol. 1982

Research on Epstein-Barr:

“In chronic viral infections – Cytomegalic, Epstein-Barr and Retroviridae (AIDS) among others – blood ozonation performed in viremic cycles or in periods of clinical exacerbation may, through direct action, through the production of co-factors inhibitory to viral replication, or through modification of immune function, be a tool in inducing viral quiescence.”

(From O3 Conference 1989 Report)

In a short-term “Study of the variation under ozone treatment of 16 patients presenting a T4/T8 lower than 1.2”, three of the patients had Epstein-Barr, and after ozone treatment showed an average 33.3% improvement during the brief experimental period.

O3 in Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

Recent studies by Russian and French doctors have shown extremely dramatic results in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with ozone therapy. One reason is that it has been found that a cause of Alzheimer’s is aluminum toxicity in the brain, and ozonating of the blood has been shown to precipitate the aluminum. Also, of course, its abilities as a circulatory enhancer and cell rejuvenator come into play. In a similar vein, German doctors have also had success with Parkinson’s, MS and other nervous system disorders.

O3 in Wound Healing and Burns

The virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties of O3 make it the treatment of choice for wound healing. Excellent results are obtained, for example, with gangrene:

“Gangrene usually required a one-hour session each day, with ozone being put in the blood, and into a gas bag (topical application). Out of a total of 33 patients scheduled for surgical amputation, only 1 (with other problems) actually had to have an amputation.” *

The use of O3 tents in Burn Units is so effective in immediately halting infection and promoting healing that it is difficult to understand why this practice has not yet been applied in the US considering its widespread successful use in W. Germany for years.

O3 in Arthritis

“Arthritis was usually treated every other day, and within 3 days there was significant reduction of pain, and by the end of the patient’s stay, deformed joints were reduced as a matter of course.” *

In The Use of Ozone in Medicine, West German doctors Rilling and Viebahn describe the specific protocol used successfully in arthritis, referring to the numerous papers on the subject by Dr. H. Wolff.

O3 and AIDS – Headlines announcing New England Journal of Medicine study by Dr. Kenneth Wagner. Released Oct. 27, 1988.






AIDS is a virus, and ozone has been proven in countless studies to be virucidal (as well as fungicidal, bactericidal, etc.). There has been a great deal of research suggesting that O3 is effective in the eradication of the AIDS virus, both in vitro (in a test tube) and in vivo (more significantly, in people!)

Anglo-American Research has to date conducted three scientific human studies, under strict scientific protocol, involving patients with AIDS, with excellent results. (Results are available on file for examination).

In the first study, a research facility ‘over the border’ was set up for 5 AIDS patients whose disease was in a very advanced stage (2 of them ‘didn’t have a T-4 between them” – their levels were 0.3 and 0.4). The study, which was funded by the researchers themselves, lasted 10 days, after which the patients were again tested at the University of Arizona and then went home with their doctor, who took with him equipment to continue treatment. The results were nothing less than astounding! All of the patients are still alive and well except one, who has since died of tuberculosis (not AIDS-related).

After these results, the Anglo-American team had no difficulty getting funding for continued research and they held another human study with 8 persons in Alaska. This study included patients with a variety of diseases – several AIDS patients,

O3 and Cancer

Cancer cells have disturbed metabolisms. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered as far back as 1925 that cancer cells function best in the absence of oxygen, in effect, living on fermentation rather than respiration. Some authors report that tumor cells don’t have enough of the proper enzymes to resist ozone’s actions.

There are many scientific and anecdotal reports of successful treatment of cancer with ozone therapy. “The logic sustaining the use of oxygen-ozone application to the treatment of carcinomas rests on the strategy of capitalizing on the disturbed metabolism of cancer cells…. In one study, cultured cells of different carcinoma types were compared with non-cancerous human lung fibroblasts on exposure to ozonated air…Lung carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, breast adenocarcinoma, uterine carcinosarcoma and endometrial carcinoma showed 40-90

% growth inhibition (depending on the concentration of ozone used)… The non-cancerous cells were relatively unaffected. The authors postulate that cancer cells are less able to compensate for the oxidative challenge of ozone than normal cells, possibly by way of a less functional glutathione system.

There are many clinical and anecdotal reports (see below) of ozone…being prescribed on a daily basis for several weeks, applied to the treatment of various carcinomatous conditions.

(From Ozone in Medicine: Overview and Future Directions by Gerard V. Sunnen MD)


Rilling S. Viebahn R: The Use of Ozone in Medicine. Haug. New York. 1987

Ozone Application in Cancer Cases Dr. Joachim Varro

Research – Effects of Ozone/Oxygen Gas Mixture Injected Into the Mammary carcinoma of Mice – Dr. Migdalia Arnan (O.I.M.T.)

Research – Biochemical Reaction of an O3/O2 Mixture on Tumor Tissue-

Dr. Joseph Washutt (O.I.M.T.)

Research – Ozone Treatment of Acute Leukemia and Mammary Cancer in Rats-

Dr. Robert A. Mayer (O.I.M.T.)

Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human Cancer Cells

J. Sweet, MS Kao, D. Lee, W. Hagar (Science 1980; 209: 931-933)

O3 in Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Therapy

Members of Anglo-American’s team attending a recent International Ozone Symposium in Europe witnessed a French doctor, Paul Musarella, presenting a paper on his use of O3 in cosmetic therapy for cosmetic purposes.

O3 has also been injected directly into warts, tumors, cysts, moles, etc. whether malignant or benign-but-ugly, and is reported to cause them to dissolve in a matter of days. *

The general effect of superoxygenating the body is a rejuvenating one for obvious reasons. The increase in energy levels after O3 treatments is directly experienced by most people and can be measured in before/after stamina tests with an exercise bike, or before/after mental acuity tests.

O3 and Herpes

There are a number of scientific studies and papers documenting excellent results in the treatment of Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster with ozone therapy. It is reported that when an attack is in progress, treatments on a daily basis for 7 – 10 days usually cause complete disappearance of symptoms. If treatments are taken for 4 to 6 weeks on a daily basis, whether the symptoms are present or not, the viruses can be eradicated from the patient’s system.


Ozone vs. Hepatitis and Herpes – The Choice

Dr. Heinz Konrad, Brazil

Ozone as Therapy in Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster

Dr. K. Kattassi. Et al (O.I.M.T.)

Ozone as Therapy in Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster and Hepatitis

Dr. Heinz Konrad (O.I.M.T.)

O3 and Hepatitis

Successful treatment of hepatitis has been reported in many studies, including the following:

The Successful Treatment of Viral Hepatitis with O3/O2 mixture

Dr. Kartaut Dorstewits (O.I.M.T.)

Study of Chronic Hepatitis and Ozone Therapy Dr. Horst Kief (O.I.M.T.)


Over 30 % of our population is afflicted with cancer and the percentage is increasing, in spite of the $billions being spent on cancer treatment and research. Unfortunately, remedies to treat the symptoms of cancer have been sought while the causes of cancer have been virtually ignored up until now.

What is most disturbing, is that the cause of cancer was discovered back in 1923 by a German biochemist, Dr. Otto Warburg, who received the 1931 Nobel Prize for doing so. In his book, “The Metabolism of Tumors” (London: Constable and Company. 1930), Dr. Warburg demonstrated that the primary cause of cancer was the replacement of oxygen in the respiratory chemistry of normal cells by the fermentation of sugar. The growth of cancer cells is a fermentation process, which can be initiated, only in the relative absence of oxygen, which means that a cancer cell is a plant cell.

Ever since Warburg’s discovery, researchers have been attempting to stop the fermentation process through drugs, radiation and surgery, which, in some cases, has been temporarily successful. Although the National Cancer Institute verified Warburg’s theories in the 1950s, very little work has been done to determine the causes of a lack of oxygen to the human body. Along with finding ways to stop the fermentation process, we must also determine ways of getting more oxygen to all our healthy cells to prevent the initiation of the fermentation process.

All normal cells (animal cells) within our bodies need oxygen to survive, and give off carbon dioxide as a waste product. If we upset this delicate balance within our bodies, nature’s way of reacting is the growth of plant cells (cancer, fungi, candida, etc.) When one considers the monumental increase of carbon dioxide (over 20%) in the atmosphere during the past several decades and the alarming decrease of oxygen content in the air we breathe (from 38% down to 19%) one can understand the seemingly inexorable rise of cancer among us.

The good news is that 50 years of practice in Europe and numerous test studies utilizing oxygen/ozone therapy have proven that by increasing the oxygen content within our bodies, we will displace more carbon dioxide. We then become much healthier and do not provide an anaerobic (lack of oxygen) atmosphere for the fermentation process to produce cancer cells. I n addition to the encouraging success rate that these studies demonstrate, it must be noted that not one fatality or adverse side effect has been attributed to the proper administration of oxygen/ozone therapy.

It is unfortunate that up until now the US medical authorities have been painfully slow in their investigation of the beneficial uses of ozone. However, the sixth World Ozone Conference held in Washington, DC during May 1983, procured many astounding papers on he medical and therapeutic uses of ozone. They ran the full gamut of topics from Cancer to Herpes to Rheumatoid Arthritis, written by world-recognized specialists in their fields. These papers (we will be happy to obtain copies for you) concluded that:

1.OZONE removes unwanted bacteria and viruses from the blood, the same way it does with water.

2.The possibility of becoming infected with hepatitis, AIDS virus, syphilis or other infectious disease through blood transfusions could be eliminated by the use of OZONE.

3.OZONE is highly effective in peripheral vascular disease so that persons suffering from gangrene, or leg ulcers, may not have to have their limbs amputated.

4.OZONE is effective in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, arteriosclerosis in general, and hypercholesterolemia, and promptly restores circulation, relieves angina pain, and improves brain circulation and function.

5.With OZONE, cancerous Tumors, Lymphomas and Leukemia may be eliminated without the use of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

6.OZONE is highly effective for all forms of Rheumatoid and Arthritis Collagen disease.

7.OZONE is very effective for Allergies of all types.

8.OZONE improves Multiple Sclerosis, and other Neurological Diseases, ameliorates the loss of brain function in Alzheimer’s Disease and senility, as well as in Parkinson’s Disease, by reversing the aging process.

9.External use of OZONE is very effective in treating ACNE, burns, leg ulcers, open sores and wounds, Eczema, fungus and other skin disorders.

10.Rectal insufflation with OZONE if effective for Proctitis, Colitis, Prostatitis, anal fissure, Candidiasis; vaginal insufflation is effective for Cadidiasis and other yeast infections, Trichamoniasis and other forms of vaginitis; bladder insufflation is effective for Cystitis and bladder fistulas, as well as cancer.

11.AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis Mononucleosis, and cirrhosis of the liver have been successfully treated with OZONE, without the use of any drugs or medicines.

12.The application of OZONE is virtually painless, has no adverse side effects and is extremely cost-effective for both physicians and patients.

13.As of 1985, over fifteen countries had allowed the use of OZONE therapy, and of all the thousands of patients successfully treated, there has not been one single death or serious reaction reported clearly related to the use of OZONE.

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