Welcome to Pro Life Clinics


We are highly specialized team of professionals using the most recent and sophisticated equipments.

* We believe in natural ways of health care with no side effects.

* We believe that holistic and complementary medicine will prevail in the new century.

* We do care about patient and non patient .

* We treat wide variety of medical problems .

* We use so many tools?

  • Ozone therapy.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Advanced Prolozone Therapy
  • Nutritional therapy.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • Anti ageing.
  • Prolotherapy.

Useful tips 


We can use it by:

Major Autohemotherapy ( Through Blood )

* Minor ( Through I.M Injection )

* Rectal insufflation ( the Easiest and Fastest Way )

Vaginal insufflation

* Ear insufflation

* Ozone Sauna

* Ozone Cream

* Ozone Water

* Ozone Oils

* Ozone Intra-articuler

* Ozone Inhalation ( through olive oils)

              According to the Case


How to use Ozone ?


Dear house wife now you can :


* sterilize your drinking water by ozone.


* change your ordinary fruits, vegetables and chicken into organic healthy ones by immersing it in ozone water for few minutes. Ozone will rapidly get rid of hormones , insecsides,and pollutants and you will enjoy healthy food.


Ideal ozone course is 3 sessions / week for6- 8 weeks .
Intensive ozone course will be daily session for 2-3 weeks.
Mesotherapy course is one session /week .
Ozone is a natural way of treatment so improvement starts slowly but surely.
Ozone is not given in untreated thyrotoxicosis and favism.